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Living Harvest's Tempt Organic Protein Powder Review

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Today my husband and I tried hemp protein in own smoothies. The result.... 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and a few yummies.... :) We tried 2 flavors, original and vanilla spice. The original has a very pleasant mild nutty flavor. The vanilla spice transformed a smoothie into a gourmet treat. No kidding.

Before I share a picture of the delectable smoothie, let me tell you why I particularly like hemp protein powder:

  • Hemp contains all essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for protein.
  • It contains essential fatty acids, which our bodies need but can't make on their own.
  • It has substances that actually assist our bodies in converting and maximizing these essential fatty acids.
(You can take a look at the nutritional panels here.)

Some people say that hemp seeds are pretty close to being the perfect food, and who am I to argue? I think it is a wonderful gift from our Creator! :)

Tastes great.... good for you. Now I'll show the smoothie with the vanilla spice hemp protein powder in it. Recipe will be posted tomorrow!!! Yum!

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God bless!

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