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Ninja- blender and chopper Product Review

* I do recommend this product. A purchase link is located at the bottom of the page. *

Some neat features-
  • The Ninja does not have blades on the bottom alone, as many blenders do, but instead has blades ascending upward. This ensures even blending. It really is a good design. The end product is uniform,  not pureed on the bottom and untouched on the top the way some blenders perform.
  • The motor is on the top. You simply place the motor on the blender or chopper, depending on which one you are using, lock it into place and press down. It couldn't be simpler, and it is safe since there is no way to open it while the blades are running.
A few pictures.....
    The Ninja blender portion

    The Ninja chopper portion

    Blending almond sauce

    Pinto bean in chopper- BEFORE

                                                    Pinto beans in chopper- AFTER

    If you take care of your Ninja, it will last a while. There are some guidelines to follow to take the best care of it:

    • A soft brush will clean crevices better than a dishcloth or sponge will.
    • If the top portion does not lock into place, DON'T FORCE IT. Simply turn the portion that sticks up from the blender/chopper until it easily matches up and glides into top portion.
    • Pulse the Ninja most of the time. With things like vegan cheesecake, avocado pudding, etc. steady blending is necessary. However, only blend steadily about a minute at a time to prevent overheating.

    I recommend the Ninja heartily. You simply cannot do a lot of vegetarian/ vegan food preparation without it. The price is about $50. It can be purchased online. This link takes you directly to the product.  So, if you are in the market for a blender/chopper, I say give the Ninja a try!


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