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Vegan Asian Sesame Slaw

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Just looking at this dish is a sensory delight... and the flavor matches the festive look. This is not a complicated recipe... I put it together a couple of weeks ago as a result of trying to include brighter whole foods in my diet. The brighter they are- the more nutrients. I am also making an effort to eat more cruciferous vegetables, hence the cabbage. Cruciferous vegetables have lots of health benefits, including being very anti-cancer. Oh, and the raw sunflower seeds I simply love. They are high in vitamin E and selenium, as well as a good source of protein and good fat. (I get a lot of my nutrition info. at WHFoods.com, very informative website!)

To make this yummy dish, put an organic red cabbage and a few organic carrots into a blender or chopper (I used the Ninja). Pour into a bowl and stir in some Sweet Asian Sesame Dressing With a Hint of Ginger. Top with a handful of raw sunflower seeds, and enjoy this beautiful, healthy, nutritious dish! :)

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God bless!
~ Angel
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