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Giveaway: Enter to win 6 vegan, gluten free YUMMY candy bars from Go Max Go!

Go Max Go Foods, a vegan family owned company, has agreed to award 6 of their very yummy vegan, gluten free candy bars to one reader of Yummy Vegetarian Delights!

These candy bars are sooooooo tasty. They are made with rice milk, and I personally think they taste much better than main stream, milk based candy bars. I honestly believe they are the best candy bars I have ever tasted. They are available at several locations, including Earth Fare and Whole Foods locally to me.

The candy bars the winner will receive are:
  • Cleo's peanut butter cups
  • Snap! crisp rice chocolate bar
  • Jokerz caramel, nouget, and peanuts
  • Twilight caramel and nouget
  • Buccaneer, packed with light fluffy chocolatey nouget
  • Mahalo, chocolate covered yummy coconut filling
Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

Each person is eligible for up to 10 entries. HOW TO ENTER:
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IMPORTANT! YOU MUST LET ME KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED: Once you have completed as many tasks as you would like (up to 10), send an email to me at Angel@YummyVegetarianDelights.com , telling me what you have done and  how many entries you have. Or, you may leave that information in the comment section below. Please include your name and email address so I may get in touch with you. The winner will be randomly chosen using Random.org on Saturday, May 21. The winner will then be contacted and I will send out the winning prize package.

Until next time.... God bless!


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Holly said...

My mother-in-law would love these (and I would probably have to sneak a few myself before giving them to her if I won). ;-)

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