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Try It Tuesday: Review of Go Max Go Foods candy bars

These vegan candy bars are soooo yummy. I ate the Buccaneer first. It was so dreamy! These candy bars are *similar* to ones you may be familiar with, and the Buccaneer so reminded me of a 3 Muskateer, only without the hydrogenated oil, and it tasted better! :)

The Twilight was probably my second favorite, reminding me of a Milky Way. My third favorite was the Jokerz, reminding me of a Snickers. Very close behind that was the Mahalo, which reminded me of an Almond Joy, only much much tastier! The Snap, which reminded me of a Crunch Bar, and the Cleo's, which reminded me of a Reese's tied in last, according to my taste.

How did they make this candy so incredibly tasty? Don't really know. Rice milk is used in the place of milk in these products, and it does a fine job. Palm oil is used instead of hydrogenated oil. Soy protein is used in many of the bars. The sugar content seems low to me, considering they are candy bars. The sugar averaged about 25 grams per bar.

Do I advocate eating candy bars often? Nope. But if I have a hankering for a candy bar, the Go Max Go Food brand candy bars are definitely on the top of my list. One taste and you'll know why! :) They are available at many locations, including Whole Foods. Check the Where to Buy section of their website to see where you can buy them near you.

Until next time.... God bless!

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