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Exciting New Updates! :)

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whalesalad from Flckr

I hope all my readers are doing well! I have a few updates to share with you.

First of all, in case you haven't noticed, Yummy Vegetarian Delights in now available by subscription on the Amazon Kindle! It is only .99 a month. The neat thing about reading a blog on your Kindle is that it downloads onto your Kindle completely and updates each time you are connected, so you can read blogs in their entirety, even when you are offline! And you can get a trial subscription to any blog for free! So, if you have a Kindle, try out Yummy Vegetarian Delights on Kindle! :)

Also, I am doing a bit of rearranging to the blog here. I have added Articles on Natural, Non-Toxic Living. 
These articles will take you to Suite101 for the time being. Once my 1 year commitment per article has passed, I will be able to move them here. For the time being, make sure you have YVD bookmarked, or make sure you are subscribed so you can come back here! :)

I have also added a new shopping page which will feature vegetarian, vegan, and natural products. I will be working on that and hopefully get it fully functional very soon!

Also, I have added buttons to the top of each post and page that allow  you to share on various social networks, or to email it to someone. 

I have more plans to make YVD bigger and better, but one thing at a time! :) Thanks for all of your support!

Until next time.... God bless!

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