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7 Vegan Cheese Options- Dairy Free Cheese Recipes

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If you are eating a vegan diet, or you can't tolerate dairy, here are some cheesy recipes for you! These recipes will give you the dairy free cheesiness you crave...

1. Introducing Sliceable Vegan Cheese. This recipe is a 10! The taste is just plain cheesy and good. It is good on crackers, or eaten alone. 
Sliceable Vegan Cheese

2. This next recipe is called Raw Pesto Uncheese Sauce. It is quite tasty over raw zucchini 'noodles'. I can imagine it would be a good salad dressing as well.

3.  This Parmesan Cheese Substitute complements pasta quite well. I would also think it would go well in soups, chilis, and salads.
Parmesan Cheese Subsitute

4. This Ricotta and Cottage Cheese substitute goes good on pizza and lasagna. I wouldn't use too much of it though. A little seems to go a long way.

5. Seed Cheese has an interesting taste and texture. I would use it sparingly and possibly as a compliment to #4.

6. Cashew Cheese reminds a bit of alfredo. I have used this to make vegan lasagna, and I think it would go well on noodles, or as a baked potato topping.

Cashew Cheese

7. The last vegan cheese I would like to recommend you will have to buy at a store. Whole Foods is the only one that carries it in my area. It is called Daiya Cheese, and it looks like shredded cheese. The flavor is yummy. It melts and goes good on anything you would normally put cheese on.

Until next time.... God bless!

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