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How to make a super yummy fruit smoothie

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With smoothies the sky is the limit. I'll tell you one of my favorite smoothie recipes and give you a few hints I've learned along the way. First of all you need a good blender that will crush ice well. I use a Vitamix. (If you don't have one, click through one of the banners on my blog to get free shipping. Or send me an email and I'll send you the code.) If you add banana to your smoothie gives it a good creamy base. And, my daughter and I both prefer using a tablespoon or two of sugar free orange juice concentrate in our smoothies to give it that added tanginess and sweetness. For a little extra sweetness, some stevia can be used. And, a couple of pieces of ice give a nice thick iciness to the overall drink. But, if all of your fruit is already frozen the ice won't be necessary. So... here is a yummy smoothie recipe for you to try:

This makes one smoothie:
Half a cup to one cup of soy or almond milk (or your fav. milk or milk substitute)
a cup of strawberries
half of a banana
1 tablespoon of sugar free (organic) orange juice concentrate
3-4 ice cubes if fruit is not frozen
a dropperful of NOW organic liquid stevia
half a cup of greens - optional

Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass. Enjoy! :o)

God bless!

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