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The health beneftis of Basil

Basil is a very tasty herb. To eat more basil you can add it to soups, or make a yummy pesto. Here are some reasons why you should:

  •       The flavonoids in Basil protect your cells and chromosomes from radiation and oxygen damage.
  •       Scientific research has revealed that Basil kills some parasites, so eating Basil regularly may be a safeguard against unwelcome guests!
  •       Basil inhibits antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are the bacteria that are finding a way to survive Dr. prescribed antibiotics.  
  •       Basil is anti-inflammatory, and since inflammation is to blame for many health problems, that is a very good thing. 
  •       Basil is anti-yeast, and can be used both internally and externally for that purpose.
  •       Basil is a good source of vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, and calcium. What a power-packed little spice!  

      All of that, and it tastes GREAT! :o)



daylily777 said...

I need to get some basil!Your plants look beautiful .8~)

Angel said...

Don't get any too soon! ;o)

JamericanSpice said...

I've always loved Basil! Now even more I love it :)