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Vegan Book Review- Everyday Raw by Matthew Kennedy

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Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney. Purchase book here

I read this book with great interest, since the whole raw eating concept kind of intrigues me. I have read about raw foodism in passing several times. I already understood the concept of using various ingredients to recreate traditional dishes, and to come up with new recipes. I also knew that a dehydrator was allowed, since simply dehydrating something doesn't cook it, but does alter the texture.

What I didn't know before reading this book is how to effectively implement this way of eating into my life. The book, Everyday Raw (written by Matthew Kenney and published by Gibbs Smith) , is a delightful book that goes in depth in teaching how to eat raw.

Kenney- a chef, resaurateur, caterer, and food writer - starts off by revealing the tools of the trade and sharing key concepts. He then moves on to systematically share delicious looking recipes in several sections, which are : blended and squeezed, snacks, unbaked, starters, spreads dips and sauces, salads, larger dishes, desserts, and yes, ice cream! :)

The author has a nice style of writing. I enjoyed the stories of past dishes, and appreciated that he shared dishes from other chefs.

I plan to try out this way of eating, though I do not think I will ever go totally raw, but many of the recipes look soooo good. And the author teaches how to make 'bread', crackers, tofuless tofu, mayonnaise, and so much more. If you use this book as a baseline,  I don't think you will feel you are missing out on anything and you will have a good understanding of the whole 'raw' way of eating.

In closing, I will share one of my favorite photos from the book.... raw pancakes. Can you believe these are raw? They look delish! :)

God bless!

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