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Juicing, healthy and beautiful

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I would like to share today's juicing experience with you. I love to juice. I love to see the beauty of the fruits and veggies, to know all of the goodness they contain, and then to finally enjoy the juice. When I juice (and when I cook and garden, etc.) I think of the good gifts that God has given us.
I try to juice once a day. Today I juiced alone- usually I make enough for me and my husband.  The energy fresh juice  gives is definitely noticeable. There have been times that I have felt wiped out, and later felt revived by drinking fresh apple and carrot juice. These days I try to add something green everyday as well, and an herb. Lately it's been cilantro, which some say has a detoxification quality. Next, I am thinking of adding ginger to our juice. Here are the veggies (and fruit) that I juiced today: apples, cilantro, kale, and carrots.

Here is the juice straight from the juicer. Notice the layers... the bottom is cilantro juice, next is kale, then carrots, next apple, and finally a bit of kale on top. I think it's pretty. :)

At this point I put the juice in the Vitamix for a few seconds, along with some NOW B vitamin powder and a packet of organic NOW stevia. Ready to drink:


Do you juice? What is your favorite combination? :)

God bless!
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