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SodaStream Review

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I'm pretty sure that most people have heard of SodaStream by now. There are different models with different options, such as glass containers as opposed to plastic ones, etc. Today I am going to review the basic model, the Dynamo Deluxe,  for you. :)

First of all, I want to say that I think this machine is a very good idea. It does indeed create much less waste than buying sodas. The bottles are durable, bpa free, and the company states that they can be used for up to 2 years. Also, the carbon dioxide canisters can be refilled and reused.

The folks at soda machine offer a vast array of flavorings to go into the carbonated water. My favorite flavor is Black Pear and Currant, which has many flavors in the ingredients, including Elderberry. This particular syrup does have sugar in it, but to me that is preferable to Splenda (which is in some of their syrups- be sure to read the labels). The bottle of Black Pear and Currant syrup makes 25 8 oz. cups of soda.

The machine itself is easy and fun to use. Simply fill container to water line, screw tightly into place (The top portion of the machine pivots in and out so you can point it out, screw the bottle on, and then push back into place.), and press the top button a few times to carbonate. The flavoring is added after carbonation. It's fun to watch, and my daughter and nieces had fun making sodas with it. :)

To be even healthier, you can carbonate water flavored with herbal tea, or water flavored with fruit juice. Stevia can be used a sweetener. I suggest trying Fruity Yummy Lemonaide Sweetened with Stevia  in the soda stream. 

Overall, I do recommend this product. Sodas can be a nice treat. It is fun and easy to use, and how neat to know exactly what goes into the soda you are making for you and your family. :) 

Interested in owning one? SodaStream's website lists stores where they are sold

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