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Review of Shiloh Farms products

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     I have tried many of the Shiloh Farm products.... sprouted wheat and spelt flour, adzuki beans, pretzels made from sprouted flour, etc. I give all of these products 2 thumbs up. The products are organic, high quality, and are available at a reasonable price from their website, Shilohfarms.com.

It can be easy to stock a whole food, organic pantry with the help of this company. They offer core products like flour, sweeteners (honey, date sugar, maple sugar, etc.), nuts, pasta, quinoa, etc. They also offer nice extras, like blueberry maple syrup, instant potatoes, fruit spread, cereal, and much more.

Every time I have visited the Shiloh Farms website, there have been items on sale. Their website also has recipes and information on healthy eating. The company has an interesting history, which they explain on their website.

In case you haven't noticed, I highly recommend Shiloh Farms. There aren't many places you can find organic, hard to find, high quality, affordable food items in place online, and when you do, I think you should support them. :)

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