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Buttery tasting vegan mashed potatoes recipe

* I no longer eat butter substitutes on a regular basis. This recipe is good, but I would only eat it occasionally, if at all. I try to stick to whole foods most of the time! :)

This is a really simple recipe, but one you may not know is a vegan option. I didn't try butter substitutes for a while, and I still use them sparingly. And while I've found that none are perfect by far, Earth Balance with olive oil seems to me to be the best choice. If only they would leave out the little bit of canola oil it would be a much better choice. But as it is, they do make for some really good mashed potatoes. This is how I made these yummy taters:
  • I peeled, cut up, and boiled organic potatoes (sometimes I use russet, sometimes red and if they have no eyes at all I usually leave at least some skin on.)
  • I boil about 20 minutes, until tender.
  • I put them on my plate, and mashed them up a bit with a fork.
  • Then in no particular order, I....
  • I added some Earth balance with olive oil buttery flavored spread.
  • I sprinkled on some salt.
  • I sprinkled on a lotta lotta chives. (fresh are better...)
  • I ate.

Yep, vegan mashed potatoes can be quite yummy. :)

God bless!
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