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Penny-wise Wednesday: Save money with a windowsill herb garden!

An indoor windowsill herb garden is just a pleasant thing. Not only does it allow you to add fresh, organic herbs to your food, but gardening and just being around plants is a stress reliever. Plus, plants add extra oxygen to your environment and purifies the air.

Using natural, non-toxic growing containers
You can use just about anything to grow your herbs in. You can use a container like the one to the left that has room for all of the herbs. (A homemade wooden box, or a rectangular recycled container would work well. Make sure the material is safe.) Or, you can use individual containers for each plant. BPA free cans would work really well, and I have always thought they look charming when they house elegant, fragrant herbs. :)

Practical growing tips

  1. Choose a sunny windowsill that gets at least 5 hours of sun a day.
  2. Buy herbs or seeds that are labeled organic. Trader Joe's often has plants, including herbs, at the front of their store. Whole Foods often has plants on the outside of their store, and seeds for sale inside. 
  3. Blend indoor potting soil with sand to make it lighter and drain better. If you don't have a drainage system for your container, put a layer of rocks on the bottom so roots do not sit in excess water.
  4. Feed soil with compost about once a month.
  5. Water regularly. Don't let soil dry out, but don't water excessively. Remember those roots! :)
  6.  If bugs attack, fight back with a little natural soap mixed in water, just a squirt of soap in a good sized spay bottle will do. Shake well, and spray plants. Watch plants for signs of too much soap exposure (turning brown, etc.) If this happens, use less soap.
  7. Trim regularly. This encourages herbs to grow fuller. This part shouldn't be hard, since they are so tasty!
Have any tips you would like to share? Leave them in the comment section below! :)

Until next time.... God bless!