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Oogave Soda Review

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A few weeks ago my family and I tried Oogave soda for the first time. Oogave is organic, and is sweetened with agave nectar. Agave nectar has a lower glycemic level than sugar, so it may contribute to healthier blood sugar levels.

The ingredients in Oogave are simple and natural. I don't recall seeing anything I couldn't pronounce or anything questionable at all. And the flavor was yummy. These drinks have a fine carbonation that is enjoyable yet not overpowering. Each flavor was true to its name. My personal favorite was the watermelon cream!

The flavors available are cola, ginger ale, mandarin key lime, root beer, grapefruit, watermelon cream, and more!

Where to Find Oogave Soda: The actual soda is sold at many locations, including many Whole Foods. Search for a location near you.

Stay in Touch: You can stay in touch with Oogave by visiting their website, liking them on Facebook, or following them on Twitter.

Until next time.... God bless!

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