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Food Should Be This Good Chips Product Review

I recently tried the Food Should Be This Good chips. They are corn based chips that come in several flavors:
Multigrain, Olive, Jalapeno,  Chocolate, The Works, Sweet Potato, Lime, Yellow Corn, Blue Corn, Cheddar, White Cheddar, Toasted Sesame, Blue Corn Dipping, and White Corn Dipping. Some of the flavors do indeed seem unconventional, which is good, since people have different taste preferences. 

My family and I tried five varieties. Here are the flavors we tried in the order that we liked them:
  1. Cheddar
  2. White Cheddar
  3. The Works (savory onion, garlic, poppy seed chips-vegan)
  4. Sweet Potato (my husband really liked these)
  5. Chocolate
These chips are overall very tasty, and they are quite healthy as well. I really like the fact that they are GMO free. And for those with gluten allergies, they are gluten free as well.

Use the Where To Find function  to find out where to buy these chips locally. Their website lists Whole Foods as a carrier, and locally (for me) it lists Kroger, Lowes, and Target. So, it seems they are pretty easy to find.

Food Should Be This Good offers contests and recipes on their website. You can also join the fan club and get a $1 off coupon. And, you can keep up to with the company by following them on Facebook.

Until next time.... God bless!

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