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Glass Straws- How Cool is That??

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I am so excited about these glass dharma straws! They are just about the neatest thing I've seen in a while. I like things that are pretty and functional. I had been concerned about possible BPA in plastic straws, but I really didn't see any good alternative until now.

A little about the glass straws:
  • They are made in the U.S.A.
  • Have a lifetime guarantee
  • Are longer than regular straws.
  • Come in straight, bent, & decorated
  • Come with a cleaning brush that is stainless steel and nylon.
  • Are really cool and fun!!
These are available in my OpenSky Shop, or you can click the link next to the products below to purchase them. Here they are!

These are the straight glass straws. This set is $31. Not a lot when you consider you'll never have to buy straws again! :) Buy straight glass straws.

The Beautiful Bends above are available for $32 for the entire set! Buy Beautiful Bends.

The photo above doesn't do these decorative ones justice! We have one that has decorative blue glass that is vibrant and pretty! This set costs $32, and would make a nice Christmas gift. Buy decorative set.

Until next time.... God bless!

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