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Organic Girl Lettuce Product Review

After finding bugs in prewashed salad earlier this summer, I kind of gravitated toward Organic Girl at Whole Foods Market. What initially got my attention was the fact that it is washed 3 times. Hmmm, haven't found any bugs yet! :)
Happily, it is an extremely good mix of greens! It is 50 % spring mix and 50% spinach(lots of calcium!). It is, of course, organic. The plastic container is recycled. There are no preservatives. Just plain goodness! I give Organic Girl 2 thumbs up. I say give it a try! :)
To add to the goodness, don't use bottled salad dressing- make your own! Try this tasty simple Asian dressing, this super yummy Honey French, Bahama Breeze's Citrus Vinaigrette, or Honey Mustard. (To make any of the dressings vegan, simply replace honey with agave nectar.) And don't forget to add the raw sunflower seeds. Yum!! :)

Until next time.... God bless!

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