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Namaste Foods Say Cheez Product Review

I recently had the opportunity to try Namaste's Say Cheez pasta. When I received the delivery, I was very eager to try it:
This product is gluten free and it is vegan. The actual pasta is made from brown rice and hemp seed, though you wouldn't know that if you weren't told. The pasta has no unusual flavor- it is just really good. It holds together very well too- doesn't seem to have any tendency toward sogginess at all.

The contents of the bag before preparation:

As you can see, assembling the ingredients couldn't be easier! Simply boil the pasta, drain, then add the seasoning along with 3 tablespoons of oil and 1 tablespoon of water. I found the taste to be pleasant, and it was reminiscent of cheese. Enjoy!

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Until next time.... God bless!


Ms. Watson said...

Those looks so easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Angel said...

You're welcome. They are very convenient! :)