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Tyling Naturals Chinese Noodles Review

These are some of my favorite noodles to use. They are really just fun! I call them squiggly noodles. They hold flavors extremely well. I usually drizzle a little soy sauce and toasted sesame oil on them before I mix them with asian style stir fry veggies. 

They are quite wholesome (& vegan), containing only wheat flour, salt, and water. A serving of these contain 190 calories, half a gram of fat, only 1 gram of sugar, and 8 grams of protein.

They can be faithfully found at your local Food Lion in the Chiese/Asian specialty section. They are around 2 bucks. I give them 2 thumbs up and recommend you give them a try! :)

Here is a pic of them just as they are getting done. They only take 3 minutes to prepare!


Sarah said...

Those noodles look good! Thanks for finding my and my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I bought these noodles at Whole Foods. They have a 2011 date. I am not sure if they have a rancid type taste, or is that the Asian taste? Could someone give me feedback? I hate to act so dumb, but I do have a sensitive taster. I am a vegan and thought they would be good. Thank you.
maria zoul

Angel said...

I think with these noodles the important thing is to give them some flavoring to soak up, as they do this extremely well. I use soy sauce and sesame oil to flavor the noodles before I add them to the veggies. Thanks for asking- there are no stupid questions! :)