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Kashi Roasted Vegetable Pizza Review

My husband and I bought this pizza from Walmart  late one night for a snack. We had never tried the Kashi brand before. Well, we both thought that this pizza was very good!

The roasted vegetables were very flavorful. There was not too much cheese, which was fine with me since I try to avoid it most of the time, and the sauce was not overpowering. The crust is made with flaxseeds and other grains, and is very tasty.

The ingredients are very healthy- there is olive oil rather than hydrogentated oil, there is pure cane sugar (a very small amount) rather than high fructose corn syrup, and of course there are 7 whole grains instead of bleached white flour.

Another good thing about Kashi is that their packaging is 100% recycled!

I do recommend Kashi's Roasted Vegetable pizza, and I expect that we will probably pick up another one of these pizzas some weekend when we want a late night snack.

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daylily777 said...

Sounds good , I'll have to try it !