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Help going vegan for 21 days

A new website has launched, http://21daykickstart.org, that offers support to those wishing to take the challenge and go vegan for 21 days.
This website has a free 21 day vegan meal plan and an online community for support.
Once you register with the website ,you have the option of receiving daily updates and celebrity phone calls. I signed up and a recording of Alicia Silverstone called today.
This whole concept seems very interesting to me, and my husband and I are thinking about starting next week with the 21 day vegan challenge. (We've already been grocery shopping for this coming week. lol) We will probably incorporate cheese back into our menus after the 21 days, but who knows. We may feel so much healthier that we won't miss it. We shall see....
Leave a comment below and let me know if you plan to take the challenge! :o)


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