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Stonyfield's O Soy Yogurt Product Review

I did not go to the grocery store intending to buy soy based yogurt. I did intend to buy yogurt though. While doing some research for an article, I learned that including yogurt in your diet can help you to lose weight. So, on my grocery list it went. Well, I was searching for a natural, gelatin free yogurt that was reasonably priced and I kept coming back to O Soy. Finally, I thought I would try it. And it turns out it is pretty tasty!

Some perks:
  • 7 grams of protein in a little 6 oz. cup
  • Smooth, creamy, great tasting
  • It's organic, which is especially important when dealing with soy based products since organic = soybeans not genetically altered. And that is a good thing!

Like any yogurt, stir well before eating. I can honestly say if I did not know that it was soy based, I would not guess it.

* O Soy is not vegan due to bacterial cultures being derived from milk sources.

A little more about Stonyfield (and coupons!)

Stonyfield products are a good option if you are looking for a tasty alternative to dairy based foods. As they say on their website, they offer "rich and creamy organic yogurt, smoothies, soy yogurt, milk and ice cream that's good for your health and kind to the earth".

Stonyfield offers printable coupons as an incentive to try their products. And, you can sign up for their incentive program where you earn free yogurt and other items from their partners just for buying Stonyfield products.
Find out if your local supermarket carries Stonyfield products.


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