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Review of Diaya Cheddar Cheese- Yummy!

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* Update: Since cleaning up my diet more, I no longer buy this product. Canola oil is one of the main ingredients, and I try not to eat that particular oil. The product does taste good, and if the company were to use a different oil, I would probably buy it occasionally.


So, if you haven't picked up any Daiya cheddar style shreds, what are you waiting for?! Seriously, this stuff is good!

I get mine from my local Whole Foods. To me, this stuff actually tastes better than cheese. It melts fabulously, but honestly it took me a few packs for it to last long enough to try it melted. :)

Diaya cheese is free of genetically modified ingredients, and word is out that it is free of msg. I wouldn't call it a health food in that I don't know of any health benefits, but it's mighty good on broccoli, so maybe it is good for you in that it helps you to consume more veggies??

I actually read an account of a lady complaining to her waiter that he had given her real cheese when she ordered vegan cheese on her pizza at a restaurant. I can see that happening... take a look at it melted on an Amy's California style veggie burger:


Until next time.... God bless!