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Penny-wise Wednesday: Save money and eat healthier with dried beans!

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Dried beans really are a menu money saver. One 16 ounce bag of dried beans will yeild the same amount as 4 cans of prepared beans- not to mention cost you 1/4th less!

The Many Ways to Use Beans
Beans can be used to add additional nutrition and a more substantial feeling to many meals. Some of my favorite recipes using beans are: black bean burgers, chili, black bean soup, baked bean 'burgers', vegetable soup, and lentil soup.

Beans can be added to salads, stir fries, and used as a base for sauces. Adzuki beans are cooked with brown sugar in Japan as a dessert, and there is an adzuki bean ice cream available there as well. And let's not forget the ever popular black bean brownies (which I am planning to make!:).

Beans should be properly prepped to optimize the available nutrition in them and to reduce stomach upset. After going through the dried beans and picking out debris, soak in warm water for 18 hours. If you are in a hurry, boil for one hour, change the water, then prepare as desired.

To learn more about reducing phytic acid in food, see How and why to reduce phytic acid in foods for better health.

Until next time... God bless!

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