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Moe's Southwest Grill seems to be great new choice for vegetarians!

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While perusing This Dish is Veg today, I noticed that Moe's Southwest Grill is now catering to vegetarians! Another veg choice when going out to eat, yay! :)

It doesn't look like they have gone halfway with their endeavor either. A trip to their website revealed the following information:

  • They use hormone free milk products, no trans fats, and no MSG.
  • They will add (and I assume replace for meat) their organic grilled tofu on any menu item.
  • All cheese and sour cream is free of animal rennet.
  • All meat and veggies are cooked on separate grills.

Excited yet? Visit them online, and find the Moe's nearest you! :)

I will put up a proper review once I try them out in a few months or so. If you have eaten their veg. options, please share in the comments section below! :)

Until next time... God bless!


Brenda said...

I love Moes. I always order veg tacos. I moved from CA, home of the best Mexican food on earth, to Kentucky, home of the worst Mexican food on earth. Moes is the only place that has decent Mexican food around here.

Angel said...

Wow, sounds like you know your Mexican food, and Moe's really fits the bill! :) I'm thinking of eating there for my birthday in May. I may try the veg tacos as well! :)