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Where to find BPA free canned food

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By now most people know that BPA is not good stuff. You should try to minimize your exposure to it whenever you can. (Click here to find out why.) A major source of BPA exposure is actually in canned foods, as most canned foods are lined with it. Most, but not all. All canned tomatoes products are lined with BPA currently, however. So, for tomato products, I suggest buying tomato sauce in glass jars.

BPA cans can be found at the following locations, or is sold by the following companies:

  • Eden Organics, found at Whole Foods, sells everything in BPA free cans except their tomato products.
  • According to Organic Grace, Trader Joe's uses BPA free cans for beans and corn.
  • They also state that Native Forest's coconut milk is in BPA free cans. 
Also, as a reminder, avoid plastics numbered 3 and 7, as they may contain BPA. And, be sure not to heat up any plastic in the microwave.

Hope this info. has been helpful to you! :)

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