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Zevia Soda Review

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Zevia...the natural diet soda with zero calories that has a glycemic index of zero. I honestly like Zevia a lot. It tastes really good. The flavors are blended very nicely. If you are not used to drinking stevia, you may find it a bit sweet at first. But, since I am already a fan of stevia I liked it right away. Sweetness that is  healthy and no glycemic= a good thing. :)

Zevia does have a no glycemic fruit based sweetener called erythritol as well. I find Zevia a good treat. It's very yummy cold. I'm don't love the idea of aluminum cans, but overall I do recommend you try it. It is a MUCH better alternative to other diet sodas that have artificial sweeteners that are basically poison. I hope Zevia comes out with BPA free 2 liters soon. That would be cool. :) Overall, I think that Zevia is the healthiest and best tasting soda on the market. And it's made in the USA!

Use Zevia's Product Locator to find where to buy Zevia in your area.

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The Vegan Variety said...

I love Zevia too! I really like the orange. The cherry was a little to much for my taste buds though. Zevia is the only soda I drink now!

Angel said...

I agree, the orange is good. I really like the cherry a lot too, though. And the lemon lime... My hubby really liked the root beer. Zevia is tasty. :)