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Review of NuNaturals Stevia Products, Yum! :)

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Where do I begin when talking about these great tasting products? I'm not sure exactly how they did it, but they have taken stevia to the next level. These products are close to my heart, because I have been diagnosed with PCOS, which includes insulin resistance. However, our society is suffering from a sugar and high fructose corn syrup overload, so stevia is good for everyone.
True, stevia may take a bit of getting used to. When I first tried stevia, I thought it was ok, but sometimes I thought it needed an extra umph. But the way Nunaturals prepares it, it is sweeter with most of the bitter aftertaste removed.
I sometimes combine some of the Nunatural products to get a sweetness and flavor I like. For example the vanilla stevia liquid extract coupled with the  cocoa bean liquid extract go well in some recipes. Sometimes just a packet of stevia will do. And sometimes when I want to sweeten my usually non sweetened herbal tea and lemon I'll throw in a NuStevia quick dissolve cap.
Seriously, these guys have every kind of stevia mixture you can imagine, including stevia for baking that you can use to replace exact portions of sugar in a recipe. (To do this they add natural fillers that act as fiber.)
Also, they offer products such as erythritol crystals, which are actually a naturally occurring sugar alcohol. This product and stevia are both a ZERO on the glycemic index, and they contain NO calories. Now that's SWEET! :)

BTW, these product are MSG FREE! 

Visit NuNaturals to buy these yummy products for yourself. You can also enter the Giveaway to win a box of 50 packets of stevia and a bottle of liquid vanilla stevia. Yum! :)

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Until next time.... God bless!

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