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Benefits of a vegetarian diet

You can improve your health by changing your eating habits.

Many people in today's society eat what is referred to as the S.A.D. diet, also known as the standard American diet. Dr. Sear's has stated on his website that it is a sad situation indeed that in the countries where people can afford to eat disease preventing food, they typically don't.
Many people who are eating the S.A.D. diet probably don't even realize what they are doing. Food and restaurant advertisement has become so convincing that it can be hard to decipher truth from fiction. A good rule of thumb is to avoid most processed foods as well as restaurant foods, which likely contain high levels of sugar, msg, and hydrogenated oils.
When you choose to eat a vegetarian diet, you are largely saying no to all of these bad ingredients. Being a vegetarian naturally means that you have to watch what you eat more closely, so you will be more apt to scan for bad ingredients. Also, most vegetarians make a good portion of their meals from scratch. This is not as hard as it seems, as there are many practical and delicious recipes that can be made easily and even frozen for meals at a later date.
There are many advantages to a vegetarian diet in addition to avoiding the bad stuff. You will consume mainly fruits and vegetables, which are chock full of disease fighting and health promoting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are also full of fiber which will help to clean toxins from the body and keep you regular. Many people lose weight, obtain lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as improve their blood pressure readings with a vegetarian diet.
When you eat a vegetarian diet you are also avoiding eating the hormones that are injected into the animals that are consumed in the typical American diet. Also, sick animals and uncleanliness sometime end up in the human food supply, and this can be avoided with a vegetarian diet as well. Avoiding meat also means that you will not contribute to factory farming, which is often abusive to animals.

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