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Nutritional and health benefits of sweet potatoes

Since I have  PCOS, I am taking steps to be healthier and lose weight. I have started eating foods that are lower in calories and that are low glycemic. Well, sweet potatoes are the perfect food for all of the above!

A few benefits of sweet potatoes are:

  • They are very high in vitamins Beta carotene(our bodies convert beta carotene into vitamin A) and C. Both A and C are anti-oxidents and anti- inflammatory.
  • Sweet potatoes also supply vitamins b6 and b7 and potassium- all of which contribute to heart health and stress relief.
  • Even though sweet potatoes are sweet, they stabilize blood sugar. How awesome that God has given a sweet food to satsify our sweet tooth that actually improves our health! :o)
  • Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber, especially with the skins on. And since lots of vitamins are in the skin, it is good to wash your sweet potato well and eat it- skin and all.
  • They also contain calcium and protein, in lesser amounts.
  • All of this, and there is only 54 calories in one whole sweet potato. Now that's sweet!

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